New Changes in version 1.0.3


  • Fixed a rare desync issue in Pokémon Stadium where a character may enter the wrong tumble state if they are hit on the same frame the jumbotron screen is updated.

Crystal Melee:

  • Marth’s low-poly model has been updated.

New Changes in version 1.0.2

Diet Melee 64:

  • Fixed desync issues when playing with Ice Climbers.

Crystal Melee:

  • Added new character portraits for the CSS.
  • Changed the colors for Samus’ brown costume.
  • Yoshi’s tongue now renders properly.
  • Added shoes for Ness’ neutral costume.

No Changes to Diet Melee Classic this patch

New Changes in version 1.0.1

  • Random stage select fixed in offline mode.

Diet Melee 64:

  • Falcon Punch timing fixed.
  • Pink Falcon fixed.

New Changes in version 1.0.0

Major Additions

  • Diet Melee 64 added.
  • Diet Crystal Melee added.
  • New Patcher to install all 3 versions.

Changes from Diet Melee Alpha v3 to Diet Melee Classic v1.0 (just Classic):

  • UI Changes
    • Character Select Screen updated for Diet Melee.
    • Stage Select Screen updated to only show the 6 available stages.
  • Stage Changes
    • Stadium model updated to appear more like vanilla Melee.
    • Battlefield model updated to appear more like vanilla Melee.
    • Fountain of Dreams background darkened, flowy stars removed.
    • Dreamland background darkened.
    • Final Destination tweaked for aesthetics.
  • Character Changes
    • Puff’s eyes properly open and close.
    • Yoshi’s tongue is now visible.
    • Default Ness’ shoes now visible.

New Changes in Alpha v3

  • Codes added to improve compatibility with non-slippi dolphin builds.
  • File size tweaks (hyrule temple removed)
  • Revamped Yoshi’s:
    • hugely increased clarity of wall collisions via an entirely new, beautiful model
    • re-added pac-e-derm.
    • Overall hugely upped qualities in all textures
  • Revamped Stadium:
    • Completely fresh model, largely based on Smash 64 art style.
    • Fireworks no longer render
  • Fountain of Dreams:
    • Removed background stars.

New Changes in Alpha v2

  • FD has a brand new beautiful model, and of course it’s way more efficient.
  • Updated Battlefield ledges to closer reflect how the Battlefield ledges “feel” in vanilla Melee.
  • Removed Battlefield’s background to unify the looks of all the stages in the project.
  • Updated Stadium to run better and better reflect the design of the project by removing the screen/all background elements.
  • Dreamland has removed the branches and leaves, hugely lowering the polygon count on that stage.
  • Fountain of Dreams got a fix to its textures.
  • The stages that are unplayable are now blocked out on the stage select screen.