Download Guides

You do not need to be a Patron on Patreon to access the download. If you would like to help us, we would very much appreciate your support.

Both sets of instructions will make a new iso, and not replace or overwrite your vanilla iso. Your normal Melee is safe.

How to install on Windows:

1. Access the following site by clicking here. (This is the version for Diet Melee 1.0.3).
2. Select and download the version of Diet Melee that you want.
3. Extract the contents of the .zip to somewhere accessible (such as your Desktop, Documents, New Folder, etc.).
4. Open the Slippi Launcher and enter its settings in the top-right. Go to "Game". This is where your vanilla ISO is stored in your computer.
5. Once you’ve found your Melee ISO, drag it over the .bat file.
6. After a while, it will generate your Diet Melee ISO in the same folder as the patcher.
7. Return to the Slippi Launcher and select the Diet Melee ISO that you have built as the default ISO. If you are using the Dolphin Emulator window, make sure the Diet Melee .iso is in the same folder as your vanilla .iso.
You should be good to go. It should be compatible with unranked, direct, and doubles.
If you have any problems, make sure to first check the FAQ.
Here is a guide to a compatibility method of installing. Only use this if the patcher does not work for you and you have tried things like restarting your computer (v1.02 only).
You can also visit our Discord and enter the #i-need-help channel for assistance.

How to install on Mac:

1. Download MultiPatch
2. Download the xdelta file of the version you want here Diet Melee v1.0.3
3. Open MultiPatch
3a (optional; This step is just for finding your vanilla ISO, if you know where it is, skip it.) Open Dolphin. Right-click your vanilla Melee iso, and select “Open Containing Folder”. This will show where your vanilla ISO is stored in your computer.
4. For the first field, find the patch with the extension ".xdelta" in the folder you downloaded it to.
5. Second field, put in your vanilla ISO you just found in your Dolphin.
6. Third field, browse to the folder your vanilla ISO is in, then put in DietMelee[version_name]-1-0-3.iso (The [version_name] is whichever of the 3 versions you downloaded). Click Save.
7. Patch.
You’re good to go and have Diet Melee installed on Mac!
If you still have any problems, make sure to first check the FAQ

How to patch on Linux:

Download the Linux patcher and follow the instructions in the included README. This should work on all distros. Let us know in the Discord if it doesn't.