You can also check the downloads page for installation guides for different operating systems or the guides page for more complete tutorials on running Diet Melee with other addons and performance tweaks.

Q: Do I need to a Patron to access Diet Melee?

A: No, but a Patron gets access to the newer, faster, lighter version of Diet Melee before anyone else. If you would like access to earlier builds, support us on our Patreon here!

Q: Do my opponent and I both need Diet Melee in order to play together?

A: No! It works perfectly with unranked, direct connect, and more, no desyncs! If it does desync, let us know, because that shouldn’t be a problem! That’s the whole point of the project!

Q: Does this take up a lot of space? I don’t want two giant Melee ISO’s.

A: No! We reduced the file size massively, and the current Diet Melee ISO only takes up 279 Megabytes! To do this, we removed all non-tourney legal stages, most single player content, all trophies, most music, and did tons of other little optimizations here and there.

Q: I want one of these stages in my normal build of Melee, but not all of them. How can I do that?

A: Look up DAT Texture Wizard, and join the Melee Workshop Discord. You’ll find what you need there.

Q: I just want the low poly character models, but not the new stages. How do I do that?

A: You can get them here!

Q: Why does Battlefield… look like that?

A: It’s based on that Smash 64 stage, Duel Zone, which was the original Battlefield.

Q: XD3_INVALID INPUT What does this mean?

A: Your Melee iso isn’t Vanilla.

Make sure your ISO is valid by right clicking Melee in Dolphin and going to Properties->Info and checking that the revision of Melee is #2.

In the same menu, compute the MD5 hash of the ISO by clicking the Compute button and make sure it matches 0e63d4223b01d9aba596259dc155a174.

Q: My MD5 hash doesn’t mash. Why?

A: Lots of reasons. Could be modified with a texture pack, could be the wrong version of Melee, or it could be corrupted, or packaged in a weird way, like nkit.

Q: It’s an .nkit. How do I convert it to the right iso?

A: Download the +gc partitions, use “convert to iso”, and it saves to the folder nkit > processed > gamecube.