How to decompress an NKit file for Patching with Diet Melee

1. Go to this site and download the NKit 1.4 + GC Partitions

2. Extract the 7zip

3. Run the file named ‘NKitProcessingApp.exe’ (the one with the white and blue icon)

4. Select the mode ‘Convert to ISO’

5. Drag your nkit iso into the blank left side

6. Press ‘Process’

7. Once it has finished processing, you can close the app, and you will find the iso in the ‘Processed’ folder inside the extracted NKit folder (it may be inside another folder called GameCube)

8. Use this .iso file for patching instead of the nkit one!

If you are still having trouble, you can try this guide, which is the same info but clearer, or come join our Discord