Running Diet Melee with Uncle Punch or 20XX Guide

What you need:

1. Open DAT Texture Wizard. It should look like this.

image of DAT default view

2. Click file, open ISO, select your Diet Melee ISO. You should see this.

image of DAT Diet Melee view

3. Now, click Stages. The blue button, above the main viewing area and below the “file” stuff.

image of stages clicked in DAT

4. Hold ctrl, click on GrIz.dat, GrNBa.dat, GrNLa.dat, GrOp.dat, GrPs.usd, GrSt.dat, then click export.

image of all the selected files to be group selected

5. Export them to your desktop.

6. Click file, open ISO, and open your Uncle Punch Training Pack ISO.

7. Click Stages.

8. Highlight GrLz.dat, then click import.

9. Replace it with the GrLz.dat on your desktop.

10. Now, do the same thing for GrNBa.dat, GrNLa.dat, GrOp.dat, GrPs.usd, GrSt.dat.

11. Click file, then save ISO.

12. Open dolphin, and follow this tutorial

13. Open UP or 20XX. It should Diet Melee-ified now (at least in terms of performance)